About the RV LIFE Network

First and foremost, we are proud to be RVers.  We are proud to build tools that make camping simple.  We are proud to connect fellow RVers and facilitate data sharing to improve everyone’s camping experience.  Most importantly we are proud to be part of the #RVLIFE Movement.

What is the RV LIFE Network of websites?

The RV LIFE Network is a group of websites, tools & services that help make camping simple.  We are a digital media business that publishes articles, hosts discussions and collects data about RVing.  Each year, tens of millions of readers consume our content.  We build tools to collect data about RVing and then convert that data into useful forms to help RVers enjoy a better camping experience.

Some Facts about RV LIFE:

  • RV LIFE used to be a Magazine that was first published in 1984.
  • Today RV LIFE is purely digital, operating a network of websites targeting the RVers in North America.
  • RV LIFE has an annual audience of tens of millions of readers.
  • RV LIFE runs many of the most popular RV Forum communities including: iRV2, Forest River ForumsAIRForums, Jayco Owners, Thor Forums and many others.
  • RV LIFE Campground Reviews is the largest and most trusted campground review site.
  • Roughly 90% of RV LIFE readers are from the United States.  The rest are mostly from from Canada.

What is the RV LIFE App?

The goal of our RV LIFE App is to allows RVers to help RVers by being part of the #RVLIFE Movement.  It allows for easy access to our database of over 10 million data points on RVing.  It turns your phone into an RV Safe GPS.

To learn more about the RV LIFE App, please visit this link.

Can I advertise on the RV LIFE Network?

RV LIFE Network websites offer opportunities to get your message to millions of RVers.  If you are interested in advertising, please contact us.  We have advertising solutions designed specifically for RV dealers, campgrounds and product vendors.